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If Its Glass? We'll Tint It.

Texas H.U.B Certified

What We Provide

Dark Sun Tint provides high-quality window tinting services that cater to the specific needs of each project. We value open communication and exceptional service. Contact us today for more information or general inquiries.

Jaz 214-490-6648
18120 Coit Rd Dallas Tx 75252

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Technician Specialize

Personal Experiences

John Philiey, TX

I am totally impress with the tinting of both our vehicles, definitely can see the quality! And more important noticed the difference with the texas heat ! Thank you Dark Sun Window tint.
IMG_3987 (1).jpg
Geoshield Auto FIlm & PPF 
  • Pro Nano: Experience unparalleled heat rejection and enjoy a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

  • V Nano Film: Entry-level UV protection with a 3-year warranty, providing essential safeguarding for your vehicle.

  • PPF: Ensure your vehicle's paint stays flawless with our paint protection film, backed by a 5-year warranty. Trust Geoshield for professional-grade automotive protection."

Insured & Warranty Covered

              Business hours 

  • Monday-Friday 8:30-6:00

  • Saturday 8:30-3:00

  • Sunday-Appointments only

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